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DS Mohd Najib Tun Razk delivering his speech on Islam in Oxford, UK recently.

I think it is high time we differentiate between “moderate Islam” as propagated by DS Najib Tun Razak in Oxford ,  and radical or extremist Islam . There is some form of political tone in Najib’ speech and whether it is meant for global consumption or otherwise does not matter. After reading the two comments by bloggers  “Outsyed the Box” and “Barking Magpie”  I fully agree that they are in fact exercising their freedom of expression.  we must understand that how we behave and how we act are two different things. We may see someone   a likeable human being, but that does not mean that that someone does not condone extremist or radical acts.  Sorry brother bloggers, if someone may say so!

A Message For The PM  Religious Schizophrenia outsyed the box 18 mei 2011

By Syed Akbar Ali

A feathered Blogger called me just now and told me a couple of things about Islam which he feels are not right. He told me about the Prime Minister’s visit to Oxford University recently where the PM delivered an enlightened speech about Islam. Those of you who are interested can read the speech here. Here is the first paragraph:

.“In the holy Quran, Allah SWT expounds that, the very reason He creates human beings into distinct nations and tribes is as a blessing so that humanity may embrace and celebrate their diversity. When then, did Islam and extremism become synonymous? When then, did perpetrators of hate and terror hijack the religion of peace and compassion? How did acts of extremism by a few minorities of Muslims come to be seen as a reflection of Islam and its followers? Such vile misrepresentations are a source of great anguish to me and to the vast majority of Muslims.”

.If so, why do we still have these ‘killer squads’ in Malaysia that constantly frighten Muslims to jump off balconies and kill themselves? I am referring to the 62 year old Muslim man who fell to his death trying to escape the moral squad. Every few months someone dies while trying to escape from these moral squads. Isnt that extremism? Isnt that also teaching hate and terror? Isnt it vile?

.The same vileness and hatred makes Muslims cheer when dogs are strangled and killed painfully. And we have all this in Malaysia. The Muslims have become some kind of religious schizophrenics or religious schizoids. Instead of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, we have “Dr Jahil and Mr Hell”.

And here is more evidence of this religious schizophrenia. This one from the Berita Harian :

.Jejak Osama bin Ladin: ‘Osama orang budiman, mesra.

.”Pengarang Zeo TV News kagumi keperibadian pemimpin Al-Qaeda BERBEZA dengan apa yang digambarkan pihak Barat, karektor Osama bin Laden sebenar ialah lelaki budiman, mudah mesra, lembut tutur kata dan amat menghormati tetamunya. Ini diakui Pengarang Zeo TV News Pakistan, Hamid Mir, satu-satunya wartawan di dunia yang berpeluang menemuramah Osama dalam beberapa pertemuan sulit sekitar Afghanistan, termasuk di lokasi persembunyiannya di pergunungan Tora Bora.”

.The Prime Minister is trying to paint a picture of a benign Islam to the whole world in Oxford University. But back home in his country, our own newspaper is extolling the virtues of “Osama orang budiman” What is going on here? This is the religious schizophrenia again. Dr Jahil and Mr Hell.

.So what if Osama was budiman. Adolf Hitler was budiman too. So was Menachem Begin or Gold Meir or Genghis Khan or Tamerlane or Mao Tse Tung. They were all budiman, mudah mesra and amat menghormati tetamunya.

Adolf Hitler also painted water colors and read many books –he was very cultured. He listened to classical music, particularly Wagner. But quite certainly, Adolf Hitler suffered some serious schizophrenia. He wanted the Third Reich to last a thousand years. He was definitely overdosed on strange ideas of Aryan superiority, even taking the Indian ‘swastik’ as a symbol of supremacy. What a crazy schizoid.

.The Muslims are seriously suffering this scizhophrenia as well. I hope someone will advise the PM about this. We have to cure the Muslims in this country of this serious problem.

.The easiest and most painless method to curb this problem in Malaysia is to cut off the air supply to the legions of petty preachers (the Dr Jahils) who spread jahil teachings around the country. It does not mean to make them tighten their turbans. Cut off their money supply.

.If the PM wants to bring about real reform to Islam in his own backyard, then please lets stop wasting tax payer’s money funding dubious religious people, dubious religious teachings and dubious religious institutions. We have too many of these ‘religious institutions’ already in this country – each one creating more confusion and backwardness among the Muslims.

.That is step one, cut off their money supply. We don’t need anyone supporting Osama bin Laden either – no matter how budiman he was. There is absolutely nothing we can learn or benefit from Bin Laden. Unfortunately when the media highlights such news, it only goes to create even more Dr Jahil and Mr Hell.

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Blogger Barking Magpie says on the same day that While our prime minister is trying to make a better world and speaking vigorously and strongly, recently at Oxford, England, against religious fanaticism, radicalism and opted for the real Islamic path of moderation and expressed abhorrence over un-Islamic acts such as being a suicide bombers, meanwhile our local Malay daily, Berita Harian or from now on should be aptly or dubbed officially as Berita Hairan, in English it means Strange News, extolled the virtues of Osama Bin Ladin on Page Two of that daily today Wednesday 10th, 2011, my question is WTF were the editors thinking, to quote a commenter Lock! Ahmad Talib or Zainul and Mior Kamarul the group editor of BH, tidor ke! Always remember this: Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin were also soft spoken and “nice” people!

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