Posted on June 7, 2011


The recently concluded party election (muktamar) is an indication of what party insiders consider as a far worst rumblings to come in not so a distant future. PAS President , Tok Guru  Dato’ Seri Haji Abdul Hadi Awang is becoming a gradual figure head party leader with the moderate majority controlling the Central  Committee. Some say PAS has been transformed into a modern Malay party devoid of its theological concept which was dearly and strictly embraced by its former stalwarts. Hadi has made a 360 degree turn, confessing tht its objective of turning Malaysia into a religious country  shall not be top priority now. In almost no time someone predicts he has to give way to his second-in-command,  the    fiery orator in Mat Sabu. There is wishful thinking that Mat Sabu will  turn more aggressive now that he has the full power to steer PAS away from its original “path”. As Hadi has said in plain language Malaysia is for “Negara Berkebajikan.” Not an Islmic country any more.

What next for PAS? Replacing UMNO as the ultimtate saviour of Bangsa Melayu? PAS must be thinking that UMNO is a grand old party   (GOP) already  rot and helpless, its members becoming too business-oriented with very much less sense of   nationalistic  fervour at heart. The urban young Malays have no appetite to forward their political cause unless they are rewarded handsomely. Many of them join UMNO for the sake of getting rich quick. Therefore, with this new approach, PAS is now gambling in what some one might call as filling the vcuum of what UMNO has left behind: The nationalistic Malay approach. As Hadi has rightly put it PAS is advancing Malaysia towards  a  Negara Berkebajikan nation. So Malaysiia under PAS will be no less different like some European nations without even embracing Islam as their core religion.

With UMNO still deep licking its past political wounds and its leaders building castles in the air, while at the same time potential leaders  struggle upwards by pushing others downwards, some are not sure whether the bulk of UMNO grassroot level members will cope up with the existing political realities. They do not even cre what goes on on the other side of the politicl spectrum.  Take a simple example and a closer look: Unity in UMNO. It is still fragile. The saga issue of the UMNO Youth Wing is still unresolved. There is no clear-cut solution how DS Najib, as UMNO President , has the gut to grasp the UMNO’s bull by the horn. Some say Najib is too shy to act on his own. He has to lend to too many ears and some of those ears are owned by those people who pushed him to the top.  Interesting to note what people say about 1Malaysia in that Njib is just playing with words. Rhetorically, I mean. Just simple talk the walk.

Well, both Hadi and Najib have their own way of singing the famous Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. Probably, Hadi follows Arabic tempo while Najib the keroncong. How bout Mat Sabu? Well, your guess is as good as mine!


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