Malaysia has no official religion, says constitutional expert!

Posted on June 20, 2011


Malaysia has no official religion says constitutional expert

Just think what the rouble rouser is trying to do?Malaysia has no official religion, says constitutional expert

What a myopic opinion!

And what a naive piece of writing!


Article 3 of the Malaysian Constitution:


1.  “ Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”

2.  The Ruler is the head of the religion of Islam

3.  The states without a Ruler, the YDP Agong acts as the head.


Besides Article 3, there are many other references made to Islam as the Official Religion of Malaysia;


  • That Secularism is rejected in Malaysia
  • Islamic education can be promoted in Malaysia at the expense of the tax-payers money
  • Islamic institutions and Mosques can be built at the expense of the tax-payer
  • The only other judicial system other than the Civil & Criminal permitted is the Syariah
  • Missionary preaching among Muslims in Malaysia is regulated, that is it can be done by local Islamic authorities only.


There are many other references to Islam in the Constitution that classifies Islam as the Official religion of Malaysia.


One wonders what the ‘learned’ (if he is) Bar Council’s Head of the Constitutional committee has to say, to the written Malaysian Constitution. Or maybe he does not comprehend simple English.


When Islam has been stated as the religion of the state it means ‘Official’ it is as simple as that.


The so-called Constitutional expert is trying to gain into the limelight by trying to be controversial!


One wonders what the Bar Council is made up of?


Further one wonders why the Malaysian Insider prefers to mislead and circumnavigate from the issue at hand.

(Excerpt from n article in posted by MalaysianPotpourri at 10:50 PM  9 May 2011)


This surely is politically motivated. Either the so-called constitutional expert is a non-citizen workig in this country as an expatriate knowing nothing about the country’s constitution or this person’s master of English language is suspect. He might be grduated from a university unfamiliar with the English medium of instruction. In this cse ths expert needs a translator to interpret the clauses in the Constitution. 

Or this expert is just being provocative politically. And yet nobody is taking any notice to  his or her opinion, whoever the expert may be. Or this blogger is just pulling your legs!

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