A Government of National Reconciliation For Malaysia?

Posted on July 19, 2011


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On 18 July 2011, Blogger Din Merican in his blog suggested that PM DS Najib Tun Razak took the initiative to do something positive to the country and the “rakyat” and initiated the process of National Reconciliation. This suggestion was made in the aftermath of Bersih 2.0 where about 40,000 people took to the street. Bersih 2.0 was supposed to be an NGO’s affair but in the end most of those present were from one particular and dominant political party from the PR Coalition.

Din Merican’s suggestion brings us to the question whether  the country is in  dire need for such a government to be formed, considering the present government led by Najib is still stable even though it  lacks the two-third majority in Parliament. A simple majority is still good enough without having to venture into something that requires constitutional changes to the laws.

However, a government of reconsilation is indeed better if everyone in the political spectrum or divide  is sincere and willing to stick together through thick and thin and follow the general guiding principles to govern. But then can someone show any common denominator or interest that may suggest such formation can take place when a simple police gag order for some 90 people was not followed on the day of the Rally. Yet again on the day of Bersih 2.0 who really took to the street: Were they from the members of NGOs or those from political parties. Somebody had not walked the talk. Surely there must have something more sinister motives to face the government head-on.

On positive side, such suggestion might do good for Najib and his government. Once all political forces come together, there will be ways to settle political problems amicably. God Willing!Perhaps obstacles could  be pushed aside. Such government has been formed once during tha BN-PAS ticketin late 1950’s and who knows it could work out again provided everyone must take inititives with honesty and sincerity. Finally, the finl reminder: Let bygones be bygones.

On Jayakumar’s arrest, the police will have to convince the Rakyat that Jayakumar was a threat to national security. And nothing  more than we can do except a sincere  request for his release.

May I suggest that we read Din Merican’s letter to PM as follows:

“End Detention of Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj and His Associates and Begin the Process of National Reconciliation suggests Din Merican 18 july 2011 – “Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

When you return from your trip abroad you should, if I may humbly suggest, release Dr. Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj and his associates from EO detention. Set them free to get on with their lives and their work. You have the power to  direct your Home Affairs Minister to revoke the detention order.

There is nothing more divisive than this issue today.And there is no loss of face for anyone.Ordinary Malaysians (read below) cannot understand why Dr. Jeyakumar and his colleagues should apprehended in the first place and then put under detention.

You will be a great person if you recognise that they are victims of injustice and take action to spare their families from further anxiety, pain and agony. I also appeal to you, Sir, to begin the process of national reconciliation and make 1Malaysia a real effort to promote national unity. It is within your power to unite us and focus our attention on developing our country in accordance with the plans and programmes you have so eloquently outlined for Malaysia.

A House divided cannot stand. National Unity is not an option; it is an imperative. As the Architect of project 1Malaysia, you, Sir, can make the difference.

You once told me (in 201o) that you want to make “Malaysia great again” and I assured you that I am with you in this mission. I believe you can and hope you will not let me and others who want national unity and national development down. Please bring us together and rise above parochial and sectarian politics.–Din Merican”


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