Of Good Goverment and Good Governance!

Posted on August 20, 2011


The Parliament of Malaysia taken by Mohd Hafiz...

The Parliament of Malaysia pix by Mohd. Hafiz Noor 2006 Image via Wikipedia

Don’t tell me that all these years since 1955 political leaders of both the divide are still searching for winnable candidates. Prime Minister, DS Abd. Najib Tun Razak has hinted the need to find such winnable candidates of “high quality government and high standards of governance” material to spearhead his next election campaign.At  least one blogger, Sakmongkol AK47 made such remarks  in his blog of 18 August 2011. (http://www.sakmongkol.blogspot.com).

Wonder,  after more than 50 years, our beloved Malaysia still lack winnable candidates material, and all along relying on sub-standards. And today we are still talking about winnable candidates. Don’t tell me that all along political parties and leaders could not care less about quality and good governance.

Then, it must be true that in the yesteryear  hints  such as  “even if you choose ‘dead woods’ or ‘tunggul mati’ as candidates, your party could still win seats. At that time presumably there was no such thing as selecting candidates,  based on merits and meticulous scrutiny. Not even popularity through public opinion or positive perception. Forget about candidates with high political maturity,high  education standard, high moral values and communicative ability to empower the mass.

It was amusing though, that in those days the people used to hear outcries that  “their representatives in the House were  just warming  their seats in delight.”  Allegedly there was a case or two, who did an excellent  job of  literally licking stamps to seal off envelopes containing  marriage invitation cards while debate was still ongoing in the House.  Wow! Sakmongkol could be right when he asked  “  Just what are winnable candidates? And he answered the question himself: “It can only mean one thing. It’s a search for leadership material which is committed to a plan making this government into a good government with good governance.

“Surely this must be the foundation of a leadership committed to transforming the country. Barely what?- 2 years into his premiership, already the PM is hailed as the father of Transformation? What has been transformed other than a copious amount of announcements that don’t seem to subside, we haven’t seen transformation yet in the fundamentals- the leadership material for example.”

What Sakmongkol was asking and giving his answer to his own question as well, is just a typical of what kind of leaders the country has had for such  a long period pof time. Or perhaps such good-quality leaders that merit “winnable candidate of good government and high standards of governance” was a rare species then. Sorry to say-lah! For one thing, I quite agree with Sakmongkol about  the idea of announcing  “honourable  titles” to a leader such as “ father of this and father of that” even before any such great concept or idea is still in its hatching or formative stage to warrant such a “legendary”  status. Haven’t  we had enough of these “bapakship so far and I think let time  decide if tht or this person deserves as such. Amusingly, too  Sakmongkol did touch on  the current PM  status, hailed as “the Father of Transformation”. For all the matters we would not even know the desired end-results.Not just yet.  And mind you this “status” is only meant for “PM materials”. Sorry-lah for those lesser leaders!

Well, that is politics. It has nothing to do with good government or high standards of governance. The current political trendy is either you are a pro- establishment or an anti-establishment  block. Perception is high on the agenda list. You are either linked to a pro -establishment or you are considered an anti-establishment (meaning opposition block). Neither nor is out of the question. Full stop!

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