Posted on February 19, 2012


English: A "Danger – Keep Out" sign ...

A sign in four languages in Singapore.

Some people have been wondering why the debate was in Chinese, not in English or Malay. There were those who said that since the two politicians were Chinese from the two political divide and they were talking about Chinese politics, so there should not be a problem. Well after more than 50 years of independence, there are some who are not that confident talking in the Malaysian lingua franca. And their own mother tongues are still supreme. Then the keynote address by the Prime Minister was in English. Woow! What a way to start a debate.

A friend of mine thought that he was following the debate through a tv channel from outside Malaysia, either in Hongkong or Singapore. He was confident if ever such a debate was aired live  in Indonesia or Thailand, he would certainly said that mediuam used could either be in Thai or Indonesian. “Well, you know Malaysia-lho,” he said. “And since I don’t understand Chinese and not familiar with the flair of the Malay interpretation, as provided by ITNM, I did not fully understand what the debate was all about.” And this friend of mine is an Indonesian Chinese. In due course both of us ended up watching one of the international news network provided by ASTRO.

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