Posted on March 29, 2012


TR Emeritus Under Attack Originating from March 29th, 2012 |  Author: Editorial

Dear readers,

We wish to inform our readers that our servers are under attack again, since 27th March. After complaining to our hosting provider, they have informed us that the attack (“proxy shuffling”) comes from IPs of SingNet again. Hence, as a temporary measure, we have blocked off an entire network block of SingNet IPs. The multiple malicious connections were causing extreme load on our servers. We are currently monitoring the situation.

This is not the first time that the “attack” on our servers originates from network blocks of SingNet. The same network block has been banned a few times in the past. In the last attack which occured on 3rd March, after complaining to SingNet, a Mr Dylan Tan from SingTel Corporate Communications wrote to clarify that “SingNet did not engage in network blocking ‘attacks’ on the TR Emeritus website in any way.”

Mr Tan said that SingNet takes a very serious view of network abuse and has a strict acceptable user policy in place to protect the interests of its customers and the internet community. Mr Tan added that upon its investigations, the block was traced to a SingNet user and “SingNet has since issued a warning to the user and asked him to cease these activities, which are in breach of our acceptable use policy.”

We do not know if the current attack comes from the same user(s) or others.

Readers affected by the ban are advised to use proxy or VPN to access our site for the time being or visit our TR Emeritus Facebook ( We regret the inconvenience caused.


Well, there goes the so-called “freedom of expression” in our neighbourly South. If you were a blogger, the fate of your postings would not have been  spared either. And you post it at your own peril. In Malaysia bloggers can still be proud to be associated with the so-called  team from the “fifth estate”.

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