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English: Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square)...

English: Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) in central Kuala Lumpur, where the independence of Malaya was declared in 1957. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not shocked. Neither am I surprised. Since the southern nation was on its own in 1965, every loyal citizen in Malaysia is aware of what goes on in the mind of its leaders.

I Am Shocked You’re Participated Illegal BERSIH 3.0 Assembly..

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FROM:  joejie

TO: ariel_tan@mfa.gov.sg, regina_low@mfa.gov.sg, philomena_aw@mfa.gov.sg

CC: singhckul@sgmfa.gov.sg, mfa@mfa.gov.sg, aidceditor@yahoo.com

Dear all,

I am shocked to hear that you participated in the recent illegal BerSHIT 3.0 assembly. I am not sure whether your unwarranted actions were at the instruction of your boss cum Singapore Government. If that was so, it’s rather unfortunate that the ‘kiasu’ mentality is very much evident through your illegal participation. As one of the many peace loving Malaysians, my frank advise is for all of you to firstly clear the mess at your own backyard in Singapore before teaching Malaysians the meaning of freedom that you hold dear.

Yours angrily,


1. Regina LOW Kay Yin (regina_low@mfa.gov.sg), First Secretary (Political). 2. Philomena AW Li Fen (philomena_aw@mfa.gov.sg), First Secretary (Political). 3. Ariel Eunice TAN Hwi Tiang (ariel_tan@mfa.gov.sg), Deputy High Commissioner.


5 Responses to “I Am Shocked You’re Participated Illegal BERSIH 3.0 Assembly..”

  1. Ini semua konspirasi BN dan UMNO. Tetapi jgn risau esok aku jadi PM selesai semua masaalah. Yang penting esok aku jadi PM selesai masaalah.

  2. Cicitkudin says:

    Apprarently it is not about democracy and freedom that they are interested in by throwing support their unwarratend support for the opposition-backed Bersih. It seems to me that their participation is all about taking side in Malaysia politics. That sounds like hinging on meddling in the domestic affairs of Malaysia.

  3. Sharifah says:

    Yes, Please YAB DSN and Datuk Anifah, pls usir these Singaporean shitheads from Malaysia. Di Singapore, dia macam tikus…. tak berani berbunyi, ikut cakap aje. As soon as they cross the tambak, tanduk dia keluar jadi setan… speeding, spitting, etc etc. We must teach them to mind their manners here!

  4. HAMSOR says:

    Yes, the kiasu Singaporean should be taught a lesson. Malaysian Govt should officially complain to UN. Please don’t take this matter lightly, Najib !! Please do something serious to show our pride as a sovereign nation.

  5. AYAH says:

    We adhere to the principles of reciprocity in our diplomatic relations. As a sovereign nation, we have our rights too. Since we are not stupid enough to interfere in the internal affairs of The Republic of Singpore, and members of our diplomatic mission over there will not ever participate – I hope – in any illegal activities that infringe upon their diplomatic status, I can only hope that Malaysia will exercise her rights to make the right decision: either declare these rude Singapore diplomats persona non grata immediately or allow our diplomats to act likewise in Singapore!

    I believe we have been overly flexible in our relations with Singapore. It is now time to act to show we mean business

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