Posted on July 1, 2012


Campaign banners of the 2008 Malaysian general...

Campaign banners of the 2008 Malaysian general election at Taman Kinrara (Kinrara Gardens) (N30 Kinrara), in Selangor, Malaysia. The banners depict incumbent Kaw Cheong Wei representing Barisan Nasional (white balance with blue background) and Teresa Kok Suh Sim (previously holding the parliamentary seat of P122 Seputeh in Kuala Lumpur) representing the Democratic People’s Party (red rocket affront blue circle and white background). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a responsible government, the mandate to govern must be the main concern. The people makes the final decision as when the next General Elections should and must take place. USA and many other countries have done so. There is no such things as snap elections. So the current government, led by the Barisan Nasional must go on serving the “Rakyat” without having to tell the voters when an election should be held. You and I would have agreed to what the current prime minister said recently that the ”rakyat” who have elected the government in power should serve the full five-year term. And so what’s wrong with it.

Therefore, political forces of both the devide should listen to the people: “What’s the fuss and forget to speculate… Everyone has a job to fulfill and does it wisely. Serve the people and only by doing so, we – the people – can judge who is best to represent the Rakyat in Parliament or the State Assemblies.

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