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What can we say? Another reigious deviant as reported by the Press today about the man who proclaimed himself the eagerly awaited Messiah or Imam Mahadi. In the end he became a victim of his own religious prophecy. For more, read today’s Star 11 July 2012: 

The Star 11 July 2012 Ramblings about life and religion on his blog


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He was a self-proclaimed messiah and apparently mentally unstable. Khalil Afandi Abd Hamid, 47, the sword-wielding man who went amok at the entrance to the Prime Minister’s Department complex on Monday, revealed much about his troubled mind in his month-old blog.

PUTRAJAYA: The samurai-wielding man who breached the Prime Minister’s Department complex appeared to be a fan of doomsday prophecies and had once complained of a troubled childhood.

Khalil Afandi Abd Hamid, 47, gave away glimpses of his early life in one of the first few postings on his month-old blog.

“When my siblings sleep in peace, I will be up thinking about a life full of misery. I sleep in tears.

“All these started when I was three years old. I already understood what mental illness is. I could not afford even to live for tomorrow.

“Sakitttttnya Ya Allah‘ (The pain, oh Allah). I am now already 47 years old,” Khalil wrote in a posting on his blog on June 4.

Although the blog was set up just slightly over a month ago, it contained 17 lengthy posts from Khalil.

Most of the entries were monologues that suggested a fickle mind, as the writer showed little focus and switched from one topic to another.

The postings were peppered with questions about life and accompanied by religious verses.

Sometimes, Khalil’s jottings displayed rage, as he jeered at local politicians and public figures but rarely with substance or facts.

In one instance, he took a swipe at former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Oppo-sition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

In his blogger profile, Khalil was seen sporting shoulder-length locks and blue jeans, much like how he had appeared at Complex B of the Prime Minister’s Department on Monday.

As at noon yesterday, his profile had received 17,298 views.

“I, Jaya Negara, am the only worker of Allah left who could confirm this truth,” he said of himself in his blog pseudonym but fell short of explaining what the “truth” was.

Khalil also named the 1972 Hollywood mafia-themed movie The Godfather as his favourite film.

Khalil, who was a father, was said to have declared himself as Imam Mahadi, the promised messiah who, according to several sunnah, would restore uprightness before the day of judgment.

Initial investigations showed that Khalil and the woman with him, identified as 28-year-old Muhdalina Ahmad, had only known each other for about a week before the incident.

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