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Nobody, in their right frame of mind will deny the fact that if you want to be a real contender in USA Presidential Election, you must first pay political a to someone “above” you. Never mind who that “someone” might be and irrespective of whether you are on either side of the political divide. So when Malaysian former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed mentioned that in his blog (Che Det) on 13 August 2012, not many seemed surprised or took it seriously, especially by those who very well know already the outcome of any US election, slotted to the dot in  November every four years. Yet the world over still call the nation the only superpower that rules  the world and now this superpower is in a hurry to complete its agenda of regime change in the lands of the Prophets under the guise of Arab Springs! Read Che Det’s blog below and check it out:

Che det 13 August 2012 ELECTION IN AMERICA

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1. I wonder whether people notice it or not, but Presidential candidates of the United States of America, the sole superpower, have all to seek approval from Israel.

2. Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for President has just made the pilgrimage. And he has made a public pledge that he will be even tougher against the Palestinians and Iran than Obama.

3. Soon I am sure Obama will make this pilgrimage and will make more promises to fight for Israel.

4. I think this is odd. What if Malaysian candidates for elections have to visit a neighbouring country to pledge our friendship or support for it? We Malaysians would not think this proper. Our elections are about gaining the support of Malaysians for the party that will form the Government. What other countries think of our Government’s policies is irrelevant.

5. Apparently it is not the case with America. All candidates must literally pledge loyalty to Israel or risk losing the elections. It is not about what is good for the Unites States which counts.

6. One can imagine the policies that will be adopted by whichever Government or President wins. If accusation is made that Israel rules the world by proxy, it would appear that there is substance to that allegation. Clearly the United States cannot ignore Israel’s views when reacting to anything of concern by Israel.

Looks like the tail is wagging the dog.

Eh Che Det

Eh Che Det (Photo credit: Syed Azidi AlBukhary)

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