Anakku Sazali Dies 15 Disember 2010

Anakku Sazali actor dies in Singapore

HARIAN Metro reported that veteran actor Tony Castello, who acted as the little Sazali in the 1956 film Anakku Sazali, died in Changi Hospital, Singapore, on Monday due to lung cancer.

He was buried at the Jurong Muslim Cemetery on Monday after his wife and relatives came from the Philippines to pay their last respects.

Tony, or Mohd Nor Abdullah, along with his parents, siblings and wife originated from the Philippines and were Muslim converts.

According to the late actor’s close friend, Salleh Sam, 45, he was living with his children in Singapore while his wife stayed in the Philippines.

Datin Rosnani Jamil, who acted with Tony in Anakku Sazali, said he was like a brother to her.

Tony was awarded Best Child Actor at the 4th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Tokyo for his outstanding role in Anakku Sazali.

Tan Sri P. Ramlee, who acted as Sazali’s father and the grown-up Sazali, won Best Actor.

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