Syed Akbar Ali: Ambiga Drops Demands

(Excerpt from the article “Part 4  Tak bersih  Ambiga Drops Demands” by  Ooutsyed the Box 1 july 2011!!)

I think despite all the mabuk rhetoric Ambiga is getting frightened. I hope she can come to her senses and realise that the ‘I can pick up the phone and tell her to call it off’ fellow is chilling his heels and not making his face seen at all. It is the “fetchers and getters” like Ambiga who will get arrested and maybe thrown in jail too. It is called “making use of people”. This could also be the end of her career.

Ambiga, recall Zainur Zakaria and Zulkifli Noordin (and many others Tan Tee Beng, Zahrain Hashim, Ezzam Mohd Noor) – both of them willingly went to jail for L*wat. Now they realise how wrong they were and how they have been conned by L*wat. Watch closely – the same thing is happening to Ambiga.

Yesterday Ambiga went to see the IGP to suggest an alternative route which the Bersih mob wants to take. This a sign that Ambiga is beginning to chicken out. She wanted the IGP’s endorsement. The IGP is reported to have remained silent at Ambiga’s proposal. Here is The Star :

“Meanwhile, Bersih 2.0 chairman Datuk S. Ambiga had a 30-minute meeting with Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar to discuss an alternative route for the rally. Ambiga said another route was needed in order to avoid confrontation with any other group, adding that Ismail was silent on the suggestion.”

The girl is still new from the plantation and maybe short on the ‘adab‘. You know what the IGP’s silence means Ambiga – the IGP is keeping his options open – to arrest you. I think you are going to get arrested. If you are locked up, do you think that L*wat will send you thosai and muruku ? Think again. None of L*wat’s people visited the Indian Tamil Hindraf guys who were locked up in jail. The Ceylon Tamils collected the money and got a free ride to London to see the Queen. (A bit of the caste thingy there no?)

Anyway folks, I hope you have read Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this post. I have been doing some research on Bersih’s ‘EIGHT demands’. Remember folks, their complaint is against the Elections Commission. The Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya. Lets keep this in mind very carefully. Not the Jabatan Kerja Raya, the Jabatan Bomba, not the Veterinary Department or the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. It’s the Elections Commission. Why? Because they claim that the elections in this country are unfair.

Lets focus ok : Elections Commissions and ‘elections not fair’.

So how many times has Ambiga taken her complaints to the Jabatan Bomba or the Veterinary Department? None. Why? Because her complaint has been about the Elections Commission. OK so how many times has Ambiga taken her complaints to the Elections Commission? Ten times, five times, three times? Nope. The correct answer is once only – just once.

On November 27th last year when Ambiga met the Elections Commission she handed over Bersih’s list of complaints or issues. Here are scanned copies (partly) of Amibiga’s list of 17 (SEVENTEEN) complaints, including a page that shows some NGOs that have signed this list. You can click on the image, then zoom in.

Here are some of the NGOs who signed Bersih’s Memorandum of 27th Nov 2010:

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, please note : Bersih’s Memorandum dated 27th November 2010 had 17 items. SEVENTEEN, TUJUH BELAS, SABTA WA ‘ASHARA.

In their Memorandum of 27 November, 15 of their 17 demands are numbered whereas the top two, tagged as ‘Immediate Concerns‘, are not numbered . So 15 + 2 = 17 “demands” by Bersih.

Here is the point to note : most of us are aware that they have been blasting only EIGHT demands all over the media and cyberspace. EIGHT demands. Not 17. So how come there are only EIGHT demands left now? NINE demands have gone missing. What happened?

. Folks, in actual fact there are only FIVE demands, BUKAN LAPAN PUN. Please read on.

I am telling you that Bersih has DROPPED TWELVE (12) demands from the original SEVENTEEN (17) that were submitted in their November 27th Memorandum to the EC. (Hello can you reporters please go and ask Ambiga why they dropped 12 of their 17 demands and now only have FIVE left?) Pergi tanya lah. Jangan shy-shy nak tanya Ambiga.

They have retained only FIVE demands from that original list of 17. Why have they dropped TWELVE or 70% of their demands?

Because the entire thing is crap. These are just red herrings. Time wasting bullshit. And even the remaining FIVE demands that are left on their list are also crap.

Maybe realizing that they have chopped off too many, they have added THREE more new DEMANDS. That is how they get the present “EIGHT demands of Bersih 2.0“.

And these THREE new demands they have added on, have nothing to do with the Elections Commission. It is better for BERSIH to put those THREE EXTRA demands to the Jabatan Bomba, Jabatan Kerja Raya or someone else. Not to the Elections Commission. Please do read on. Firstly here is the full list of Bersih’s EIGHT Demands:

.This whole Bersih thing is just a time wasting charade. And it is dangerous. They are playing with fire. It is just L*wat’s ploy to divert attention from his liwat problems and the China Doll sex video problem. And he is doing some racial profiling here as well : getting Ambiga to play the “fetcher and getter” role. “Ambiga, pergi sapu belakang rumah”. I am sorry but that is what is happening.

So whahappened to the TWELVE other demands that have been dropped by Bersih ? First here is a list of all the 17 Demands which Ambiga put in her Memorandum – on her one and only visit – to the EC on November 27 last year.

List of 17 Items in Bersih Memo dated 27 November 2010.

1. Investigation of Election Offences

2. Obstruction to voters registration

3. Automatic Registration

4. Lowering of voting age from 21 to 18

5. Absentee voting for all.

6. Indelible Ink

7. Minimizing gerrymandering (minimizing? Not abolish completely?)

8. Minimising malapportionment of constituencies

9. Meaningful campaign period of 21 days minimum.

10. Free and fair media access (my column will appear in Harakah and Rocket?)

11. Control of party expenses

12. Public Finance of Party Expense (they want taxpayers funds for party expenses – banyak cantik)

13. Right to contest election after Resignation – ‘kataks’ to be forced to resign

14. Administrative neutrality

15. Restoration of Local Government elections

16. Full Judicial scrutiny on Election Petitions

17. Right to observe elections

. A load of 17 red herrings. WE will comment on all these items. But first here are the REVISED and CHOPPED DOWN list of EIGHT demands by Bersih 2.0 which they have now.

Eight immediate demands of Bersih 2.0 (Now the whole list is called ‘immediate demands’)

1. Clean the electoral roll

2. Reform postal ballot

3. Use indelible ink

4. Minimum 21 days campaign period

5. Free and fair access to media

6. Strengthen public institutions

7. Stop corruption (hey that’s my job lah !!)

8. Stop dirty politicsmment on each of Bersih’s 17 original demands which they submitted to the EC on November 27, 2010. Well I don’t have to comment on them anymore because Bersih has dropped them from their original list lah. Buat apa mahu susah susah?

Now they only have EIGHT items. In fact if you combine 1. And 2. Above, there are only SEVEN items. Lagi senang nak komen.

Note that items 6 to 8 (strengthen public institutions, stop corruption, stop dirty politics) have nothing to do with the Elections Commission. It is better for Ambiga to submit the last three to the Jabatan Kerja Raya (strengthen public buildings??), the MACC (stop corruption) and Jabatan Kesihatan (dirty politics??)

You see folks, these are the red herrings. The Puteri Gunung Ledang had no intention of entertaining the Sultan’s request. So she asked for a bridge made of gold to be built from Melaka to her perch on Gunung Ledang, she asked for a bowl full of mosquitos hearts. Finally she asked for a cup of the Sultan’s son’s blood. She was making it just impossible for the Sultan to comply.

Strengthening public institutions is NOT the domain of the EC. Neither is stopping corruption or cleaning up dirty politics.

L*wat is the inventor of dirty politics in the country. He used tons of money to take down Ghafar Baba. He first created the Regu Wawasan (Mat Taib and Rahim Tambi Chik) and then took them both out. Plus he made millions for himself.

Here is a simple suggestion to Ambiga. You can get to Putrajaya if you do just one thing. Ask L*wat to declare his assets. Where did he get the money to build that palace he lives in now? RM7 million? Duit mana mari? What about that Bentley luxury limousine? Duit mana mari? Then the other cars? Duit mana mari? Just get L*wat to declare his assets, that of his wife, his children and maybe a couple of his brothers. Then we will know who is dirty. L*wat is the dirtiest poliician you can find.

These three red herrings : strengthen public institutions, stop corruption, stop dirty politics are just non starters. If you remove these three non starters, Bersih’s list of EIGHT DEMANDS reduce to just FIVE :

1. Clean the electoral roll

2. Reform postal ballot

3. Use indelible ink

4. Minimum 21 days campaign period

5. Free and fair access to media

We have already talked about the electoral rolls in Part 2. The rolls are constantly being cleaned up. L*wat’s girlfriend’s husband must explain why he has 11 people registered at his mum’s house?

We have had year round voter registration for so long already, Voter Registration agents have been appointed, including from PAS, DAP, UMNO, retired civil servants etc (who are even paid RM1.00 for every voter they register) and yet there are about four million people who have not yet registered to vote.

And there is no law in Malaysia to force people to register or to vote. The Constituion does not make it compulsory that people must vote or even register to vote. Until we change the Federal Constitution, there cannot be automatic registration of voters. A voter can then sue the EC and demand why he was automatically registered when the Constitution does not say so?

Do they want to amend the Contitution? Then ask the Pakatan and the BN to vote together to amend the Constitution. This also they will not do. But who cares? This Bersih crap is only to divert attention from L*wat’s liwat case. Other than that, who gives a hoot about amending the Constitution?

The postal votes issue is just more bull. How can the Pakatan win five states in March 2008, eight by elections and 15 sates seats in the Sarawak elections if they say that “postal votes” are manipulated to help the BN win? Out of 12 million voters in the country, only 200,000 or less are “postal votes” (armed forces, police, election workers etc). That is 1.8% of total voters. They are going to swing the elections?

The suggestion to use indelible ink is stupid. During the time of the corrupt Slumberjack and his corrupt son in law, they stupidly agreed to use indelible ink. Then at the last minute they realised that it was against the Constitution. The Federal Constitution does not allow for the use of indelible ink. If the EC denies any Malaysian the fundamental right to vote because there is already some ink on his fingers (maybe from other sources and similar colored ink, henna, etc) then he stil has the right to sue the EC for denying him the right to vote. Why? Because it is not in the Constituion. So jangan jadi bodoh.

Indelible ink is used in backward third world countries like Afghanistan or India which still do not have Identity Cards, paved roads, electricity, water proper toilets in many places. In Afghanistan if you shout “Who is Mohamed?” at the Polling Station, fifty fellows will stand up all having the same name ‘Mohamed‘. You may need indelible ink in Afghanistan. In India if you go to the Polling Station and shout ‘Krishnan stand up” possibly 100 fellows will stand up all having the same name Krishnan.

Both India and Afghanistan have no Identity Cards. So how are you going to know one Mohamed from another Mohamed? Or one Krishnan from another Krishnan? This is where indelible ink comes in handy.

Tapi we live in Malaysia lah. We have the KLCC Twin Towers, everyone has Nokia, Blackberry, I Phones, I pads (1 and 2, bro I hope you are reading this?). WE are not India or Afghanistan. So please don’t suggest stupid things like indelible ink. If Ambiga is so afraid that someone may use her name to vote twice, then may I suggest that you take a knife and cut off your nose after you have finished voting. That way, we will be certain that no one else will steal your identity to vote.

Minimum 21 days campaign period? But the Pakatan jokers have been campaigning non stop since March 2008. It has been nothing but politics, politics and more politics. Campaign, campaign and nothing but campaign. Non stop.

No we do not need 21 days of roadside and ceramah campaigning. I hope the EC does NOT give in to this silly request. It will just mean more shouting, chaos, flags and posters being pasted everywhere and all such crap.

I have a suggestion. Lets follow the Indonesians. Lets create a ’cooling off’ period. All road side campaigning and ceramah must stop 36 hours before Elections. During the 36 hours all the politial parties must remove all their flags, posters, banners. If you don’t, you will lose your ‘cleaning up’ deposit of say RM20,000 for every constituency, which must be charged to every political party.

Internet campaigns, print media campaigns and TV campaigning can go on (including Harakah TV, M‘kini webcast, etc etc). That one we dont care. But all roadside campaigning and ceramah that require Police Permits must stop 36 hours before elections. And remove all posters flags, banners.

Let there be a cooling off period. And on election day, no party flags, banners, party T shirts or vehicles pasted with party stickers and flags should be allowed. Not even a single party sticker must be allowed in sight of anyone. Zero. Then let the people vote. That is my suggestion. Apa macam? What do you all think? How many of you are willing to walk with me with these demands?

Now let us look at some of the Demands which Ambiga has DROPPED from her original list of 17 items that she submitted on 27 November 2010.

1. Investigation of Election Offences : what exactly is meant here? The Senadin case in Sarawak and UMNO’s complaint about Manik Urai have already been explained. Maybe that is why Ambiga has dropped this from her list of “Immediate Demands”. This item has been dropped by Ambiga.

2. Obstruction to voters registration : who obstructed who from registering to vote? No one? So is that why Ambiga dropped this ‘demand’ also. Pembohong!

3. Automatic Registration : discussed above. This also has been dropped by Ambiga. (She has dropped almost everything)

4. Lowering of voting age from 21 to 18 – This also has been dropped by Ambiga and Bersih. Its not in their demands anymore. How many 18 year olds are rioting in the streets because they want to vote? They are out playing futsal or video games. Leave them alone. Yesterday a chirpy doctor said lets raise the voting age to 25. Thanks for the sugar free cheesecake.

5. Absentee voting for all – Huh? First they complain about ‘ghost voters’. Now they want absentee voting pula? I smell something stinky here. Anyway. Ambiga has dropped this “demand” as well. Saja bullshitting. Full of crap.

6. Indelible Ink – already discussed.

7. Minimizing gerrymandering : Minimizing only? Now the Pakatan is also doing their own ‘engineering’ in those states they control. They are moving their voters around. Maybe that is why Bersih has dropped this ‘demand’ also. Its not an issue with them anymore.

8. Minimising malapportionment of constituencies – this has been dropped too. They want each Parliamentary constituency to have the same number of voters. Mana boleh? The Bidayuh’s have their own issues. The Kayan’s have their own issues. And how many of them are there in one location? 1000? 2000? 500? Anyway Bersih has dropped this ‘demand’ too. Its not in their list anymore.

9. Meaningful campaign period of 21 days minimum – discussed already.

10. Free and fair media access – So does this mean my column will appear in Harakah and Rocket? Or that Harakah TV will interview UMNO people? How about M’kini running interviews with the PM? Not possible ah? Folks do you all know that the pro-opposition media now has more readers than the pro Government media. That is why Bersih and Ambiga have dropped this ‘demand’ also. They have dropped almost everything from the November 27th Memo.

Now here is a “demand” that should NOT have been dropped, but Ambiga has dropped it also:

11. Control of party expenses : Aiyyo Ambiga, why did you drop this “demand” as well ? This is soo important lah. Yes we should control election expenses. Where there is money, the devil is not far behind. Where do the political parties get their money from? Can the DAP give a full accounting of where they get their money? What about the PKR? They have been accusing the BN of getting money from everywhere (which I am sure they do). But where does the Pakatan get all their money?

Now we will never know because Ambiga has dropped this “demand” from her earlier 17 Point Memorandum to the EC? Haiyya Ambiga, why did you go and do a dumb thing like that?

The answer : these are all just red herrings. There is nothing to reform. They are just using ‘electoral reform’ as an excuse to create chaos in the streets. Neither do they have any intention of meeting the Agong. They don’t care if the Agong is home or not at home. They are going to riot anyway. Now Ambiga is down to just FIVE Points.

Then here is another strange request that Bersih and Ambiga have dropped from their 17 point Memorandum :

12. Public Finance of Party Expense. Banyak cantik. They want to use taxpayers funds for their political party’s expenses. How dumb can you get? If this is allowed even the Rohingyas and Myanmars will set up their own political parties and claim ‘election funds’ from taxpayer‘s money.

I will set up my own one man party too – ’Parti OutSyedTheBox’ and start claiming election expenses too. If they say you must have a minimum 10,000 members I will get the Rohingyas to join up – on a profit sharing basis. What do you all think? I think it will be a run away success. After it is successful, the Rohingyas will run away, with the money.

Maybe this is why Ambiga has dropped this silly “demand” from her Memorandum too.

13. Right to contest election after Resignation – ‘kataks’ to be forced to resign. I am tired already. The same comment : Ambiga has dropped this “demand” from her 17 points too.

14. Administrative neutrality : same thing. Ambiga has dropped this ‘demand’ from the 17 point Memorandum.

15. Restoration of Local Government elections : This is not even the purview of the EC. This is either a Constitutional or Parliament thingy. But why has Ambiga dropped this demand from the 17 point Memorandum?

16. Full Judicial scrutiny on Election Petitions

17. Right to observe elections

16 and 17 have also been dropped. Actually they have dropped almost the entire contents of the Memo that was submitted on Nov 27, 2010. The FIVE points they have kept (plus three more to make it eight) are almost entirely different.

This is like the David Copperfield’s Online card trick. They show you six cards Online. The six usually look alike : 2 kings, 2 queens, 2 jacks etc. Then they ask you to just look at one card and remember it. Then they say that in the next slide your card will be gone. True enough in the next slide, your card would have disappeared. Wow? How does he do it? They change ALL the six cards. So no matter which card you choose, it will be gone. They will replace all the cards with two other similar kings, two other queens and two other jacks. They all look pretty similar. We get tricked. Ambiga Copperfield?

This is what Ambiga and Bersih have done. Starting with 17 “demands” on Nov 27 2010, they have now reduced it to just FIVE demands and then added three more completely irrelevant ones. All the eight are actually irrelevant, especially the last three new ones.

So you Bersih supporters and Pakatan dungus out there – how do you explain this? Please don’t say that you are flexible. These are your “fighting principles” that you are talking about. These are your “lets riot in the street” type of issues. You say you want to fight for democracy, save the country, save the whales etc.

Yet you have dropped almost all your points of contention or changed them. What type of principles are these? Boleh tukar-tukar ke? If you yourself have dropped so many of these “demands” then what is there to march about on July 9Th?

What are you really marching about? Just “Five Plus Three” strange demands on a very short piece of paper? You are not fighting to save the whales or to save democracy. You dungus are being manipulated to save L*wat’s @$$.

Posted by Syed Akbar Ali at 2:32:00 PM


pakngah santan said…

a very thorough and comprehensive analysis. well done sir. these people are not bersih after all. just to cover anwar’s ass. all are opportunists, just like anwar.

Friday, July 01, 2011 4:50:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Marvelous posting Sir.
I salute you, although you sometimes delete my comments. Some of these days, on or after July 9th., if you find somebody calling your name & saluting you on the street, that’s maybe me.


Friday, July 01, 2011 4:55:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Salam Tuan Syed,
Just to note your entertaining and pointed analysis.
So glad you are helping out the MACC with your common sense.

Favourite line = “Jangan jadi bodoh”



Friday, July 01, 2011 5:00:00 PM

Anonymous said…

I am sorry. Forgot regarding the “Cooling Off” before election day.
I am willing to walk with you on this. Just tell me when.


Friday, July 01, 2011 5:12:00 PM

Pendakyah said…

even if you give 1000 reasons with 1000 facts and figures, those who never use their head will never agree on what have been stated. their mind are occupied with some faces..which may bring to them peace and heavens.

Friday, July 01, 2011 5:18:00 PM

arcadia said…

Tuan Syed, I jz want to ask. What is the meaning of “Absentee voting for all”? Does it mean that sum1 can vote for me? will vote for me or in my name?or could be that i can vote via email from home? Lolz highly educated people like Ambiga sure funny~ maybe i should ask too~ btw Tuan Syed when u gonna reply my email?

Friday, July 01, 2011 5:31:00 PM

Minyak Man said…

soalannye masih sama dong, nk berdemo for freedom of speech, atau nk berdemo pasal election reform? depa ni suma cannot make up their minds, ade 8 demands, tapi yang dok menyalak tiap2 hari pasal freedom of speech, bukan pasal demands tu, nk debat buat la cara nk debat

aku dah naik meluat dah tgk budak2 kat facebook everyday talking about freedom to express themselves. what they forgot is that their freedom of expression should not be at the expense of others, especially when the issues (8 demands) raised are too petty and without proof.

Friday, July 01, 2011 6:10:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Well explained.

But do you think Ambiga and her stupid followers realise the 5F principles casted upon them by the Rear Admiral? Has she been mandrummed?

1. FIND them
2. FRIEND them
3. FONDLE them
5. FORGET them


Friday, July 01, 2011 6:39:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Bro Syed…

You Cannot Argue With A Sick Mind…does x make any sense to argue with a sick mind, an already closed mind n a densely-convoluted mind with venom, filth n derangous susbtance….

Your good arguement for those who r of healthy mind…


Friday, July 01, 2011 8:25:00 PM

Anonymous said…

well done for the depth and critical analysis.

the questions:

1- ketua penerangan UMNO tak buat kerjakah menjelaskan sesuatu isu yang diputarbelitkan oleh pembangkang?

2- kerajaan harus bersikap pro aktif dalam menjelaskan fakta sebenar kepada rakyat. cth slogan 1malaysia, KPI, NKRA yang masih tak difahami oleh ramai orang. gunakan bahasa yang mudah.

3- tugas menjelaskan sekarang nampak jelas kepada blogger2 yang bermati2an mencari 1st handed information, membuat research yang mendalam dan mencari bukti serta fakta bg menjelaskan sesuatu isu yang dimainkan oleh pembangkang. soalnya, kelemahan jentera kerajaan terutamanya BN nampak jelas. penjelasan yang kabur dan tidak nampak membuat homework menyebabkan pemimpin teragak2 dan tidak tahu membuat keputusan kerana isu adalah berkenaan perlembagaan dan hak asasi (cth BERSIH 2.0).

4- isu yang dimainkan sekarang bertukar daripada isu politik kepada isu agama. rupanya pada hemat saya, daripada analisis blogger2 ” nampak satu usaha besar2an dan tersusun dari segenap sudut bg menjatuhkan kerajaan” . cth isu wanita cina di Penang yang menghasut perarakan Kristian, akhbar bahasa Cine menghentam Proton. ternyata mereka mengunakan sentimen agama, bangsa untuk memprovokasi rakyat agar tercetus pergaduhan dan mengugat kestabilan negara.

5- pihak yang menangguk di air keruh telah jelas. saya berdoa Malaysia selamat sejahtera hendaknya.

anon dik anon

Friday, July 01, 2011 8:26:00 PM

Against The Wind said…

bro you must have watch Puteri Gunung Ledang it the musical or is it the movie?

In any case those pakatan shithead dont care about 5 or 8 or 17..they just want to create havoc that’s all.
ISA them all if need be!

Friday, July 01, 2011 8:46:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Great analysis, Tuan.

Yes, this Bersih 2.0 is a hoax and Stupid Ambiga just realised that she has been duped.

Truth is, Bersih 1.0 started well but was hijacked by Opposition at the end of the rally.

Former Bersih Steering Com.

Friday, July 01, 2011 10:09:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Anon dik anon, Blogger pro Kerajaan tidak dihargai sangat oleh pemimpin UMNO. Bila UMNO menyambut ulangtahun 63, Blogger tidak dijemput pun. Pemimpin UMNO sebenarnya “terngangga” mulut mereka dgn keupayaan Blogger. Mereka tidak sangka boleh wujud Blogger yang begitu komited dan berkemampuan utk menjawab tohmahan pembangkang. Walaupun tidak diundang, tidak dihargai, Blogger tetap berjuang tungkus lumus, tanpa henti, tanpa give up. Blogger pro Kerajaan begitu komited. Hujah mereka mantap, analisa mereka tajam dan jawapan mereka menerkam. Pembangkang terduduk bila baca Blogger pro Kerajaan. Pembangkang begitu tidak selesa. Umum juga nampak dgn jelas bhwa Blogger pro Kerajaan begitu mudah sekali menangkis segala tohmahan pembangkang. Setelah membaca Blogger pro Kerajaan, ramai orang, terutama sekali pengundi atas pagar dan juga penyokong pembangkang lebih jelas dgn komplot dan putar belit pembangkang. Pandangan mereka kian berubah. Semua ini adalah hasil komitmen dan perjuangan Blogger pro Kerajaan.

Samada UMNO tidak mempunyai kebolehan atau tidak ada minat utk berjuang seperti Blogger pro Kerajaan. Ramai pemimpin UMNO masih memikirkan kocek lebih dpd perjuangan parti dan bangsa. Pemimpin UMNO pernah mengeksploitasi Blogger pro Kerajaan utk membuat duit dpd tabung parti. Mereka menjemput Blogger utk menyertai program tertentu. Blogger diberi ongkos duit minyak sahaja. Padahal peruntukan duit UMNO yang lumayan masuk dalam kocek empunya ketua ‘program’. Perjuangan pemimpin UMNO masih tuhankan duit. Duit, duit, duit.

Semoga Blogger pro Kerajaan tidak akan menjadi letih atau bosan dgn layanan pemimpin parti yg sebegitu teruk ini.


Friday, July 01, 2011 10:16:00 PM

nikko21 said…

salute syed, you are the best
take care
Port Dickson

Friday, July 01, 2011 10:26:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Tuan Syed,once born a ‘dungu’ will forever be a ‘dungu’…no point of explaining to these people…they’ve make up their mind already..just let the Police do what’s necessary on that day itself…


Friday, July 01, 2011 10:47:00 PM

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Sri Tri Buana

Jangan Halang BERSIH, malah UMNO Juga Patut Sertainya. – Kerajaan tidak patut menghalang perarakan BERSIH yang dijadual akan diadakan pada 9 Julai ini. Ini kerana setelah diteliti tuntutan BERSIH, UMNO juga berhak …

7 hours ago

EC mulls inviting international observers – BANGKOK: The Election Commission (EC) is looking into inviting international observers in the coming election, EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof sa…

7 hours ago

Can you see it?

Don’t push it – A friend remarked the other day to an audience that he would have gladly supported Ambiga if she incited 100,000 to pick up pales and cloth to wash cars in…

7 hours ago

rocky’s bru

Tony lodges police report on Christian march call – “I am a Christian. I am not being persecuted.” I know blogger Tony Yew well. He’s a colour blind Malaysian when it comes to race. And he doesn’t believe in l…

7 hours ago

Wee Choo Keong

The Stop Work Order for KP Property Sdn Bhd – This is the Stop Work Order issued to KP Property Sdn Bhd for the construction site for the 27 storey condominium in Diamond Square, Wangsa Maju. This reca…

10 hours ago

rbf online

Otak Aziz Bari Perlu Diperiksa Secukupnya – Profesor Aziz Babi, opssss maaf, silap. Profesor Aziz Bari hari ini mengeluarkan kenyataan yang cuba hendak mengajar Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Ag…

10 hours ago

EC explains its role in the BERSIH fiasco; Perkasa fights on – For the past few weeks, Malaysians had been fed with only one sided news from the alternative media. Not one of the alternative news portals gave a thoroug…

11 hours ago

Hidup Tuah!

DAP MAHU TAWAN JOHOR – PAS JADI KUDA TUNGGANGAN; PKR JADI KUDA KEPANG – 1. DAP kini sedang meneruskan rancangan strategiknya untuk berkuasa dengan memberikan tumpuan khas kepada Johor, base UMNO / BN. PAS telah bersedia berkorb…

12 hours ago


Malays are easily taken in by simple Chinese lies and chicanery! – Lee Kuan Yew campaigning in Malay areas wearing songkok and the Malays were flattered then it was too late!!! Guess what the DAP is doing the same!! When …

16 hours ago

People Against Opposition

Zulkifli Zainordin – Our next Menteri Dalam Negeri ! – Yang Berhormat – Kulim Bandar Baharu should be applauded as the best Malaysian politician. If we analyse closely YB Kulim Bandar Baharu, he has all the qua…

22 hours ago

Big Dog

BERSIH 2.0 is about Mat King Leather’s anarchy agenda – “BERSIH is not about a civil society movement. BERSIH is about someone’s political agenda. It is about wanting to be in Putrajaya”. That was the parting wo…

1 day ago

Another Brick In The Wall

Leaked PKR meeting revealed Bersih 2.0 to revive Anwar’s sagging urban rating – There are quite a few dedicated anti-Anwar blogs in the blogosphere. The most famous would be AIDC and their well researched pieces and ability to unravel…

1 day ago


If not SEDITION, what is it ? – @5xmom is actually an individual running around Penang, known as Chan Lilian. She is a 40-something mother of five who : 1. is employed by the DAP…

1 day ago

Tangents: Restless Musings Of A Malay Mind

Betulkah Saya Kata Bersih 2.0 Bengong? – Memandangkan kenyataan pendapat saya sebagai Presiden MAYC mengenai perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 yang diwartakan Bernama nampaknya diguna-pakai oleh ramai pihak,…

2 days ago

My Anger, It May be Yours Too

Guan Eng to take action against Jeff Ooi? – Well, this is an excerpt from Dr Novandri’s blog, apparently when cornered Penang CM, Lim Guan Eng said he would take action against Jeff Ooi… Selain dar…

1 month ago

Pahit Manis

“Winnable candidates” pilihan tepat – Penyokong2 BN khasnya Umno senyum lebar dari semalam. Kemenangan calon mereka di Kerdau dan Merlimau dengan majoriti yang lebih besar adalah bukti nyata mo…

3 months ago

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