Syed Akbar Ali: Azmin Ali’s Chinese Voters!

(Excerpt from the article “Part 3:  Tak bersih – Azmin Ali’s Chinese voters”  by outsyed the box 29 June 2011).

This is getting to be more interesting. My “Part 2 – Tak bersih : Lim Chee Wee” which was posted yesterday seems to be creating waves within the Bar Council. I have read some of the comments from members of the Bar. Tak masuk akal.   One lawyer fellow said this : “I dont recall the Press Statement (by their President) focusing on whether Malaysia has free and fair elections“.

I dont recall ??? In other words, just like Johari Abdul these clowns also ‘tak boleh ingat’. Suddenly they are suffering memory lapses.  Typical lawyer crap. Now they are denying that the Press Statement by their President of the Bar did not touch on “whether Malaysia has free and fair elections“. Pi dah mabuk. Lepas baling batu, dia sembunyi tangan pula.

The sin here is in your ommission. While ‘Bersih‘ is mentioned four times, there is nary a mention of Pemuda UMNO and Perkasa. There is only a fleeting mention of ‘other groups’. You have omitted mentioning Perkasa and Pemuda UMNO who have also threatened to run wild in the streets on 9th July. Your Press Statement only mentions Bersih. Why did you not mention Pemuda and Perkasa, you black hearted fiends?   When you omitted Perkasa and Pemuda UMNO but choose to highlight only Bersih’s right to run mad in the street, you are making a clear statement that you endorse Bersih’s madness only. You are taking sides. Pemuda and Perkasa’s right to run mad in the streets is not worthy of your delusions. It is bad enough that you speak with forked tongues, it becomes worse when you unashamedly boast your deceit. Tak ada malu punya orang. This is a clear cut admission of your complicity.

Today lets discuss Mohd Azmin Ali’s statement that there are five unknown Chinese voters who are registered to vote at his mother’s house. Each time anyone mentions this fellow’s name you should wash your mouth with Listerine or some other strong mouth wash. One day this fellow’s real story will become evident. It is filthy. I will avoid using his name too many times.   He also challenged the EC to reply his accusation about the five Chinese voters registered in his mother‘s house. The EC has already replied him. Did you all notice that all of a sudden he has gone quite silent about this issue? The Bar Council, please take note as well. Why has this fellow gone silent? The reason is because the EC has released a Press Statement that raises more questions about this fellow, and not the other way around.

Their implication is that the EC is in cahoots with UMNO to register ‘ghost voters’. Ok but Kampong Baru Klang Gates (where his mother lives) is a Malay area. How would registering five Chinese “ghost voters” help UMNO in a Malay constituency? Why would UMNO, which they say is Malay racist, want to put five Chinese names on the voter rolls in the first place? Wouldnt that be the job for the MCA or Gerakan? But in Kampong Baru Klang Gates ?   Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldnt UMNO delete five Chinese names and replace them with five or fifty Malay names instead, and in a Chinese area ? Ini konspirasi UMNO jenis apa pula – tambahkan pengundi Cina pula? Tak masuk akal lah.

The truth is there are 11 voters registered to vote at the fellow’s mother’s house, whose address is at 1E, Kampong Klang Gate Baharu. The 11 names plus the dates they registered to vote at this address are as follows:

1. Che Tom binti Yahaya – 1 January 1972

2. That ‘wash mouth’ fellow –  2 Julai 1989

3. His wife (also wash mouth) – 2 Julai 1989

4. Mohd Azwan Ali  –  2 Julai 1989

5. Ummi Hafilda Ali  –  2 July 1989

Now here are the other strange names :

6. Tan Teek Fong – 31 March 1990

7. Tan Teek Hock – 31 March 1990

8. Song Poo Wan – 31 March 1990

9. Lim Hock Seng – 9 September 1994

10.Chong Chee Peng – 9 September 1994

11.Amirudin bin Harun – 19 Ogos 1993

Please note that by that time L*wat was already an UMNO Minister in the Cabinet. In fact by 1993, L*wat was already Deputy Prime Minister. And ‘wash mouth’ was his buddy and so was his other half (yukky). Here is the EC’s Press Release. I dont know if you can zoom in :

So the question is who registered five Chinamen and one Malay guy as voters using the mother’s address? Since when does UMNO go around registering Chinese voters in Malay majority areas?   The fact is BEFORE 16 July, 2002 the laws were such that anyone could use any address to register as a voter. It was not necessary to register using your IC. This led to many people registering to vote using addresses which they did not live in. This was provided under the Law. Before 16 July 2002, this was allowed.

The best example is people registering to vote using their hometown addresses although they lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur.   The law was changed in July 2002 where year round voter registration was introduced. This time voters must register using their ICs and their voting address cannot be different from their IC address.   Having said that, even now you can still legally have 10, 20 or 50 voters registering to vote using the same address but all their ICs must also bear the same address. This is not a crime.

Even today in some dwellings in urban areas, there may be 500 voters registered at the same ‘address’. These are called apartments, condominiums, rumah pangsa, flats etc. Essentially if you live in an apartment, you live at the same locality as all the other apartment dwellers. Its no big deal. The important thing is that everyone votes only once. No one should vote twice.   Before 2002, political parties had long abused this loophole and registered friendly parties to vote in their constituencies. That may be the reason why so many different people were registered at one address. In Kelantan, PAS was notorious for doing this thing. (There is one more interesting constituency which I shall be talking about.) It was not an illegal thing to do. However this loophole has been closed since July 2002. Nowadays you must register to vote only at your IC address. You cannot use an address that is different from your IC.

However those people who have already been registered as voters at the same address (since before 2002) can remain where they are. This is also provided by the Law. They can of course (or rather they should) change their voter registration address to reflect their IC addresses. Or we have to wait for them to die.   There is one constituency in Malaysia which until today does have 20, 30 or 50 voters registered to vote in one kampong address. It is a rural constituency with many kampong houses. Can you guess which constituency this is? Here is a multiple choice answer (I have made it easy to answer lah).

a. Wangsa Maju, KL

b. Lembah Pantai, KL

c. Seputeh, KL

d. Bukit Bintang, KL

e. Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang.

Since a. to d. do not have kampong houses, the obvious answer is e. And as you all know the MP for Permatang Pauh is none other than Mr Backdoor himself.   So maybe the Bersih fellows can make a “lawatan sambil belajar” to Permatang Pauh and check out how many kampong houses have 10, 20, 30 or 50 voters registered at those kampong addresses?   This phenomena has also given rise to the ‘ghost voters’, especially at kampongs and small towns.   Because the Law (prior to July 16, 2002) allowed voters to register using addresses that were different from their Identity Cards people living and working in KL for years would register to vote in their hometowns. Or political parties would round up their supporters and register 30 voters in one address.   Come election day, people in small towns and kampongs would see strangers in outstation cars arriving and casting votes. Hence the ‘ghost voters’.

Prior to 2002, the Law allowed for registration without using the address on your IC. Since 2002, this Law has been changed. However existing registered voters cannot be prevented from voting. It will take years for all these ‘ghost voters’ to disappear.

Posted by Syed Akbar Ali at 2:34:00 PM


aidil said…

It’s normal la bro, people those days dont have mail box address. What do you expect, put ‘rumah tanpa nombor’ in your registration form? Just throw an address an you’ll get yourself registered…

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 3:50:00 PM

Anonymous said…

tuan Syed,

i’m a lawyer too, but i dont endorse my president’s press statement and action. not the current nor the past president (well-you-know-who)

i didn’t vote for him (nor she), i voted other candidates. still he (and she) became my association’s president. majority rules over minority. well that’s the beauty of the democracy isn’t it? and i’m not the who salak sana salak sini…come election day, i’ll vote my candidates, and hope my fellow lawyers choices are same as mine.

speaking of election, do you know of the brou-ha-ha few years back over the irregular ballots in the bar election? that is another story worthy of separate post!

rest assure that while there many lawyers came out in support of the Bersih gathering, there are many, many more who does not. life (and business) as a lawyer is hard enough. and perhaps the BC should focus more on the welfare of its members (and that IS another story!) hehe.

transparency? few years back, BC purchase its new HQ. a firm was selected to represent it in the SnP. how come this firm is selected? open tender? lowest price? (cannot be – seing how our conveyancing fee is heavily regulated).

and there are always lawyers representing BC in this or that court proceeding. how come its selection? how much the fee? is there any hanky panky deal going on? OPPS I CANT SAY THAT BECAUSE I HAVE NO PROOF. MERE SUSPICION IS NOT ENOUGH. or can i? hmm makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011 4:00:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Wan Azizah should be the President of Obedient Wives Club. I never seen such martyr like her before. But I guess it must be some kind of deviant Islamic teaching that brain washed educated Muslim women.

If she just open her mouth and say LiWat is a sham and that he fucks around behind her back despite his so-called Islamic credentials, Liwat has no place to go.

No need Bersih, Bersin, Bershit, Berpoya-poya, etc.

There is a saying in Hokkien that goes like this. Chap Ba Boh Me Kia Choh. Literral translation is Stomach is so full that you have nothing to do. Hence the idea to do Bersih. If your life is hard and money is difficult to come by, you have no time for this sort of nonsense.

Just lock those jokers up in ISA for a couple of years.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011 4:39:00 PM

Anonymous said…

other that pas also rent someone home then register ghost as voter, they know how much majority they win/lose then they move voter from other place that they win with higher majority.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 5:57:00 PM

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