Syed Akbar Ali: Hilton “Reformasi” A Non-starter

Hilton Reformasi Non Starter outsyed the box 10 Julai 2011

Well, one PKR supporter collapsed and died of heart failure at the KLCC yesterday. His wife who is reported to be a PKR Wanita Chief is now a widow. Other than accusing the Police of firing a tear gas canister at the man, I don’t think the PKR will do much. A family has lost a father. This is tragic. No one reported the name of the man. Anyone in Pakatan really cares?

Yesterday evening the smses said that L*wat got a free ride on an ambulance to the hospital. (Today’s Star says that L*wat actually fell down.) The story is that while trying to avoid arrest, L*wat ran into a see through glass panel or door at the Hilton and hit his face. Then he fell down.

.On Facebook, there is a picture of L*wat lying unconscious on a hospital bed, with a tube up his nose and stuff. For good measure the doctors at the hospital immediately made a CT scan of L*wat’s brain cavity. Their report : “We did not find anything”. Kosong.

.Folks, this is his main problem – the cavity is kosong. Hence it is easier to take advantage of them. (Yesterday was another ‘Ali Baba’ subcontracting action going on. Do read on). Anyway it is likely that L*wat will use the CT brain scan as an excuse to postpone his trial. Another month at least?

.The crap was obvious from very early on. I received smses from early in the afternoon that the Pakatan leadership were holed up at the KL Hilton, having coffee and cappuccinos. ‘Reformasi’ from the Hilton? Boleh tahan juga. I say Hadi Awang, “kopicino” halal ke? While the rest of the dungus are running wild and getting sprayed with tear gas?

.I am really impressed with the Police for handling the situation with minimum manpower. See the picture below. There are less than 50 red helmets facing a mob of about a thousand. The cops also detained Hadi Awang – without any incident. Either the supporters don’t really care for their president or the cops were expert. I think it is both.

.Opposition media (including Malaysian Insider) reported that the mob was 100,000 in size. Reality is closer to a 5,000 mob size. There were no ‘tens of thousands’ either. And here is something else – a substantial number of ‘protesters’ were undercover cops. Check the pictures of the Ketua Pemuda being arrested. The guy arresting the Ketua Pemuda is also wearing a red Patriot T shirt.

.I also received a phone call from my sons who are holidaying in London that some people sang songs at Trafalgar Square – possibly in Malaysian English. No one cared.

.The area from Chow Kit, Jalan TAR and Jalan Masjid India suffered shut downs. Smaller traders were able to open for business in the evening but most of the other businesses remained shut because their staff had already gone home. (We went on a wonderful road trip down south. More of that later).

.The Prime Minister has said it correctly that street demonstrations not only bring hardship to the people but possessions could be destroyed. This message should be heard by those businessmen who are also supporters of the Pakatan mob. Bukan kita saja yang rugi kawan, lu pun rugi juga.Kalau tiap minggu dia orang buat hal, lari sini, lari sana, lu pun rugi besar juga. Lu punya niaga pun mesti rosak. So lu jangan pandai-pandai mahu sokong itu Pakatan buat gila di tepi jalan. Itu Pilihanraya lu tak boleh menang, lu mahu bikin kacau. Mana tahu, nanti lu punya kedai kena bakar dulu. Jangan main api, kawan. Lu mahu lawan, kita masuk ‘election’, buang undi saja. Lu satu undi, saya satu undi, semua orang satu undi. Kita tengok siapa menang. Siapa menang, take over. Siapa kalah, balik rumah, duduk diam. Itu democracy. Lu mahu apa lagi?

.Opportunists can also take advantage. This happens anywhere in the world. When I was a university student in a small quiet town in the American Midwest in the 80s, one Saturday night some street party became unruly. It became a mob. Suddenly a portion of the mob tried to pry open the roller shutters of a large department store that was nearby. Obviously they wanted to loot the store. The Riot Police arrived to disperse them. So dont play with fire.

.Yesterday the mob achieved nothing other than disrupt a city of maybe five million people and cause losses for hardworking businessmen. One of their own also died of a heart attack – who they don’t care about at all. It has become plainer than daylight that it has been orchestrated by the Pakatan. L*wat, Hadi and Kit Siang were leading the charge – albeit from the 5 star comfort and security of the Hilton.

.Considering that a whole new political party (KITA) has been set up by ex PKR supporters who were disappointed that PKR’s party elections were rigged to the shingles, the Pakatan’s call for “free and fair elections” is a joke. Todate, none of the party ‘election complaints’ lodged by their own PKR members against the PKR have been sorted out. Or will ever be sorted out. They do not believe in democracy. They are lying.

.The presence of Lim Kit Siang wearing sunglasses inside the Hilton (an indication he is not well?) is evidence enough that Comrade Lim will never give up power in the DAP. He is now the longest serving leader of a political party in the world – longer than Chairman Mao or Josip Broz Tito. His own son is now the Sec Gen (?) of the DAP. And these are the folks who are championing democracy? They are joking. How can we take them seriously? And you have the riff raff with you too – that makes it even worse.

.Here is a challenge to the media (mainstream, opposition, online, inline, offline etc) – if you are worth your salt – report accurately about the DAP’s internal election procedures. How can Lim Kit Siang remain in power in the DAP for 42 years? And now, is his son going to become the Sec Gen of the DAP for 42 years too? How is this different from Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung and the other Kims who rule communist and dictatorial North Korea? Do an honest analysis and tell the people.

.For anyone to rule a party for 42 years is not democracy. Or refusing to step down until his son is in power is also not a democracy. And these are the people pretending to call for democracy? Only the fools will believe this. If you believe they are democractic, it means you are a fool too.

.The IGP is puzzled why the protesters were shouting “reformasi”. This is L*wat’s slogan. MCA’s Chua Soi Lek has made a good statement. Soi Lek said if the mob was seeking electoral reforms, how did the Opposition win 80 Parliamentary seats in the last elections? Or win five States? But here is another question : with 80 Members of Parliament on their side, how come the Opposition has never tried to even debate ‘free and fair’ elections in Parliament?

If they fear a lack of ‘free and fair elections’ why haven’t they even tried to introduce a bill in Parliament about this issue? Is this puzzling? Not to me. They have no intention of debating “free and fair” elections in Parliament at all. Or to properly introduce a bill about free and fair elections.These are just excuses.

.From 17 points of contention in November 2010, they reduced their demands down to just eight issues. Of this eight, only two points were from the earlier 17 points. (They have dropped or changed 15 points). Now Khalid Ibrahim wants to add another one: he wants a public referendum to decide if we have free and fair elections in the country. They just seem to be making these things up as they go along.

.Folks, let me digress a little. There is a consensus developing (even inside Pakatan) that Khalid Ibrahim is a real idiot when it comes to politics. They say he only knows about business. I beg to differ. I don’t think he knows business either. In the 90s when Khalid was CEO of PNB, I was at Maybank. Khalid was our ultimate boss.

.One day one of PNB’s other subsidiaries undertook a completely ‘tidak masuk’ akal project to grow canteloupes (honey dew) on a huge scale in Gambang near Kuantan. I recall their language : they wanted to compete with the ‘Chinese poacher farmers’ who were already growing canteloupes successfully in Gambang and exporting tons of canteloupes to Hong Kong and Singapore. There was a lot of “Perkasa” type logic that was used by Khalid and his blue eyed boys in PNB at that time. They came to Maybank for a loan to finance this corporate cantaloupe project.

.It became a very ‘sensitive’ loan because PNB was our shareholder. At that time when I was in Maybank, whenever such “sensitive” loans came by, “we” would be asked to look at it. “We” meaning me and a couple of my bosses at that time (who were the most hilarious Kelantanese). In Kelantanese, they don’t say ‘stupid’. It is pronounced ‘stu-fiq’. Then the ‘q’ is dropped – so it becomes just “ stu-fi’ “.

Khalid’s cantaloupe project was “ stu-fi’ “. There was no way that their “corporate scale” cantaloupe farm was going to be successful. Then while I was processing the loan, Khalid called me on the telephone. This was unprecedented. Through his boys, he had found out who was actually handling the loan and decided to call our department. I was surprised to pick up the phone and talk directly to Khalid, the boss of PNB and Maybank’s ultimate boss. To be fair, Khalid did not press on us to approve the loan for his cantaloupe project. He just asked us to give it ‘due consideration’. But this was the CEO of PNB who was asking us to give the “due consideration”. Maybank rejected the loan. It was a stu-fi’ project.

.Eventually Khalid did get the loan – through another department – but secured either by a Bank Guarantee or PNB’s guarantee. And predictably the loan went bad. Even before planting any canteloupes, they had contracted for a multi million Ringgit (RM14.0 million) automated cantaloupe grading and packing plant which could handle like a million canteloupes a day. Tapi buah tak jadi and the loan went bad. I recall the Bank called in on the guarantee and PNB lost money. Of course the equipment suppliers made money lah. So I have never been impressed with Khalid’s business acumen either.

.It is silly for Khalid (being part of Pakatan who are questioning free and fair elections) to demand a ‘public referendum’ on free and fair elections. A public referendum will have to be conducted by the same Government which Khalid is accusing of being unfair. And it has to be undertaken by the same Elections Commissions. You cannot ask the Jabatan Hutan to conduct a public referendum.So you are just going back to square one.

.And if a referendum is conducted, even say by the United Nations, Greenpeace, Gay Pride or whoever ‘neutral party’ you can think up, and they find out that the elections are indeed free and fair, you and I know that you will NOT accept such a finding. Why? Because you are just playing politics, making an issue over nothing, because you really have no more issues. You also want to divert attention from The Trial. It is coming to a conclusion.

.Let me make a suggestion. The Pakatan does control four States. Why not the Pakatan go ahead and conduct its own referendum in all the four States it has won?

.Go ahead, conduct your own referendum and ask the people there ‘Do you believe there are free and fair elections in this country’?

.For those who answer “No”, ask them follow up questions :

i. Then how do you explain that Pakatan won FIVE states?

ii. Or that Pakatan has 80 seats in Parliament?

iii. Or that Pakatan has won the majority of 16 (?) By Elections held since March 2008?

iv. Or that Pakatan won 15 State seats in Sarawak recently – more than 100% increase from about six seats only?

v. (Or that Pakatan will also sweep more Parliamentary seats in Sarawak in the next General Elections if Taib Mahmud does NOT step down?)

.Its all just wasting time. Yesterday I received a call from a well known Malaysian who has spoken against the mob rallies. He says he received smses and email from friends accusing him of supporting the wrong side. He says all the people who disagreed with him were non Malays.

.Granted the non Malays have legitimate grievances. So do the Malays. Also the mamaks, the Rohingyas and Indons. Everyone has grievances and everyone can be much happier. But the non Malay politicians think that by deliberately dividing the Malay vote, they will be closer to achieving what they want. Hence the Ali Baba politics in the Opposition.

.The Chinaman and the Indian fellow does all the talking while the Malay boys do all the running wild in the streets (It is quite obvious lah). See the picture here. The hooliganism has been subcontracted out to these Malay boys. Where are all the Chinese and Indian supporters? At the Hilton too?

.Look at the picture again. When “Melayu jumpa Melayu” without any satans provoking them, they bersalam and are friendly. You can see Policemen shaking hands with the protesters who are being released (after eating bee hoon, kari ayam and stuff)

This “divisive” strategy will back fire. If the Malay vote is deliberately split, especially through scheming, then there will be chaos in the country. The country will not be at peace. It is better to engage with the Malays. This will require speaking Malay – something many of you still cannot do. You are now even challenging the Malay polity in this land. Have you seen Charles Bronson’s ‘Death wish’?

.Drawing upon a character who is in Court on Criminal charges is clear evidence of this scheming. (Not convinced? Answer this honestly : who is the MP who repeatedly raised the matter of his ‘backdoor’ activities in Parliament? Go read the Hansard, hypocrites).

.You are taking the wrong approach. Prior to September 1998, you did not even give the time of day to these liwatters, the mad Taliban and the other cuckoos. Obviously you are just using them to cover up your own arrogance and your own failure to meld as true Malaysians. This is a disastrous path. You will reap what you sow.

(Excerpt from an article written and posted by Syed Akbar Ali, Outsyed the box, 10 July 2011,  at 1:03:00 PM)


Anonymous said…

I am not a PKR supporter but quite impressed by the crowd, despite the lockdown the number was overwhelming, can u imagine if rally permitted!??I think the crowd will be much bigger. I also think that by not allowing peaceful rally, BN will suffer negative perception,ppl were upset and angry.Btw,Umno youth gathering at Bukit Bintang was small compared to Bersih, Perkasa is irrelevent, katak chicken out hihi!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011 2:04:00 PM

Against The Wind said…

I remember that labu ayaq loan haha..A case of melayu kena tipu dgn Mat Salleh.

Referendum taik kucinglah! Apa susah PRU13 tarak suka BN kasik pangkah lain parti lah..serupa juga referendum, memang kurang cerdik la Khalid.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 2:04:00 PM

Anonymous said…

On Facebook, there is a picture of L*wat lying unconscious on a hospital bed, with a tube up his nose and stuff. For good measure the doctors at the hospital immediately made a CT scan of L*wat’s brain cavity. Their report : “We did not find anything”. Kosong.


Hrmmmmm… ???


Sunday, July 10, 2011 3:04:00 PM

Melayu Lama said…

At the end of it all, memo to King ke mana, apa ke mana and as expected focus was on the “victim” at Pantai hospital with a CT scan showing a skull that’s kosong.

It was about him, has always been about him. Kalau really tak puas hati next election undi lah whichever party yang hangpa nak

Sunday, July 10, 2011 3:16:00 PM

Rasputin Beliong said…

Lain kali, kalu ada itu demon-Strasi, aku mau join lagi. Soros kasi wang. Polis kasi jamuan buffet. Pas tu polis bersalam-salaman dengan kitorang dengan ucapan bye-bye, hope to see u again.

Kata se orang Pak Cik Polis, lain kali, farewell reception akan diadakan di Hilton KL dengan hidangan cuppocino dan 100 jenis makanan, termasuk tarian gelek penari Mesir. Mungkin Pakcik Soros akan biayai se ketol emas se orang sebagai door-gift.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 3:32:00 PM

Anonymous said…

There are people who are easily impressed by the number of people in the crowd.
We should be impressed by the number of people who voted our reps in.

Anyway, Liwat failed again.
After given the finance, people and issues, he is still not the Prime Minister of Malaysia today.
This time it took the lembik Menteri Amaran to knock him out to have tubes running in his nose and other orifices.

Bersih saja tak cukup, hati kena SUCI.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 3:36:00 PM

Anonymous said…

this is started about the SPR not being honest, that SPR is not doing its job well and hence effect the other parties to become a more prominent figure in malaysia politics landscape.
then we have anon 12:04PM who thinks that this is about which malay sect manage to muscle power against the other malay sect. BODOH. you and people like you where this is all started.
then we have malays think that street is where we are all started in terms of politics. are we that stupid?
i used to vote the opposition but no more. if the opposition is taking it to the stree rather than talking it in seminar,ceramahs and of course in the dewan, why not do that?
if you asked me to support the kiasu party, not in a million years and i will tell that to my kids, grandkids and the whole kingdom. enough is enough.
btw. to pak lah. see what have you started. that is also another keldai.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 3:56:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Good article with convincing arguments… albeit a tad long-winded and too casual to be taken seriously.

All in all… I’d say, “Good.”

Sunday, July 10, 2011 4:12:00 PM

Anonymous said…

…. failure to meld as true Malaysians. This is a disastrous path. You will reap what you sow.

Define True Malaysians. Write up on it without referring to any political party to be bipartisan.

Then we all see whether what you preach is true and sincere and whichever party speaks and practices such noble values will get our support and votes.

I bet you’ll struggle to write one cos it involves something call humility and sincerety.

By- Simple Patriot

Sunday, July 10, 2011 4:14:00 PM

Moshe said…

Mr Sayeed,

As Tun Mahatir had said, not once but many times, Malaysia do not have an intelligent opposition.

What were demonstrated in past months from the oppositions are from dunggus, idiots, baggangs, tegins.Latest is the idiot MB Selangor.

I now conclude that they are what they are because in their formative years they learnt through rote learning and not through their thinking faculty. For instance those from PAS pandai hafal quran aje, those who took Law degrees in the 70’s and 80’s mostly used past years Q&A to get through their LLBs (Like ambiga) and those from UM bukan belajar pun (like Anuar).

Therefore due to their failures to use their thinking faculties, alien influences and ideas like unfettered freedom, unchecked democracy emanating from the West, Islamic fanatism from Ayatollah Iran, from greedy wall street capitalist and recently middle east spring uprising being accepted and swallowed readily by them without thinking of the relevancies to local conditions.

Therefore what we have is a semi half baked opposition leadership who are either without vision nor promises for a better MAlaysia.

Yeah I forgot to mention that old, descrepit, archaic dinosaur hailed from DONGSAN and flourished from BAtu Pahat in Tanah Melayu and had been holding DAP at ransom for 40 odd years.Haiyah ini olang tua patut patut sudah pegi mati lah macam itu Nik Najis ah lali ke uzbizikistan tatak mau go head go stan lagi la.

Sunday, July 10, 2011 5:01:00 PM

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