Syed Akbar Ali: Politik Kecohkan Rakyat

Politik Kecohkan Rakyat  by Syed Akbar Ali 9 jun 2011

Syed Akbar Ali

The circus in the Court has started again. The Brader wants the judge recused again – for the third time now. His request was turned down, so now he has appealed to the Appeals Court. The boring judge has agreed and postponed the case by yet another month to July 2011.

My layman’s view is that this request to recuse the judge is just another stupid time wasting action. My view is the appeal will most likely fail. Hint : go and check lah all the previous cases where the judge may have used similar language in his decision to call for the defense. No one asked him to recuse himself then. Haiyya .. and I am not even a lawyer.

But here is my outsyed the box, thinking aloud : what if this case is delayed until AFTER the next General Elections? The BN wins big (they probably will) and after that only the case comes to a conclusion. Then, katakanlah, the Brader is sent off to cool his ardour as a guest of the State say for 12 years. What happens to the Pakatan then?

Here is another thought. The recent PAS party elections were “engineered” to make sure that a steet urchin and rabble rouser would be elected as the party’s No.2. The reason : the Pakatan is now making preparations in case the Brader is incarcerated. Then they want to run around the streets again, buat kecoh and get their supporters sympathy to free their leader from jail. Their new No. 2 is an expert at street demonstrations. But this is based on the premise that their leader will be sent to jail BEFORE the next General Elections. What if his trial only comes to a conclusion AFTER the next general elections?

Here is a very embarassing fact : their Leader was not able to attract the crowds anymore in the recent by elections, especially the Malays and Pribumis. This was very evident in the Sarawak State Elections. Turnouts where the Brader appeared for ceramah was very low. The DAP machinery got many Chinese to come out in the urban Chinese areas only. Outside of that, the turnout was dismal. The Brader has lost his support. With more revelations expected in Court and elsewhere, the Brader will become even more of a liability for the Pakatan.

The Brader was also conspicuously absent from the recent PAS gathering. Many theories have been put forward. Some said it was an insult to PAS that he did not attend. Some said he did not want to embarass PAS with his presence. One other theory is that some PAS leaders are not comfortable with him anymore. This is the group who have kept silent about the China Doll video. The same group who said ‘Let the Police investigations decide if the China Doll video was authentic or not’. Anyway, the Brader decided that he better be overseas instead.

The Police have also said that the China Doll “video” is not a fake. Everyone is clamouring that the people behind the “video” be brought to Court. So far the Attorney General is quiet on this issue. It does not mean that the case has been closed. They may very well charge someone in Court over this China Doll ‘video’. Keep this in mind : the Police have said the video is not a fake. This is a very important point. The Police say that one American, one Korean and another Malaysian expert have also verified the authenticity of the tape. All these people can be brought to Court to confirm their findings.

But here is the even more embarrassing point to consider, the China Doll has also been found and she can also be brought to Court. What if the China Doll says, “Yes that is me in that video.” What if she then points to Dato Eskay and says ‘Yes that man was in the room too’. And Dato Eskay also agrees ‘Yes I admit that I was in the room and also in the video’.

Finally, what if the China Doll points to the ‘Anugerah Tuhan’ and says ‘And that is the man who was with me and who is also in the video’. The case of the Omega watch is also not settled. Why? Because there is an expensive Omega Watch in the possession of the Police and no one has come to claim it back.

Just like no one has stepped forward to claim that Rolls Royce car which has been put up as a reward to the person who can confirm that he was the main actor in that China Doll video. The ‘main actor’ has not turned up to claim the Rolls Royce. Why not? What you did is NOT a crime under the Criminal laws of Malaysia. So go and collect your Rolls Royce lah.

Can the Pakatan survive all this type of exposure? I dont think so.

A few weeks ago there was a Poilce report made that someone had tampered with the Brader’s car brakes. The implication was that it was an attempt on his life. Some of the Bloggers first heard this conspiracy theory about the ‘attempt to sabotage my car’ about six to nine months back. Some of the Blogs even carried this ‘conspiracy theory’ then. Ini sudah cerita basi. Meaning it was a fabrication.

Kekawan, how can it be possible for Bloggers to write a story more than six months in advance that the Brader will make a Police Report that someone has tried to sabotage his car? And six month’s later that is exactly what they have done ie make a Police report that someone sabotaged his car in an attempt to kill him. Here is another strange fact : they made their Police Report THREE WEEKS after the date which they allege the car’s brakes were allegedly sabotaged.

.Ini tak masuk akal lah. Remember when the Brader ran away to the Turkish Embassy and hid there like a chicken. When people asked him why he ran away to the Turkish Embassy, he said he feared for his life. Saiful had made the Police Report sometime in the afternoon. As soon as the Brader heard about Saiful’s Police Report, WHOOSH he was gone to the Turkish Embassy. He feared that his life was in danger.

Tapi sekarang pula, he says someone sabotaged his car to try and kill him, yet he took about three weeks to just make a Police Report. And he did not run away to the Turkish Embassy. How come? No more Turkish Delights at the Turkish Embassy ke? So the Brader is losing support.

Only the DAP is gaining strength day by day. In the next General Elections the DAP is going to emerge as the undisputed leader among the opposition political parties. If only the DAP was not so single-race oriented, they may have a better chance of making some real changes. But the DAP is still perceived as Chinese chauvinistic. Even that Melayu Transparency International fellow who joined DAP – has given up, saying he was NOT able to get any Malays to join the DAP. The DAP has zero ideas about Pribumi interests (I am not referring to Malay rights) and the Pribumi agenda.

.Their “Malaysian Malaysia” is a crude and racist idea. Worse of all ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ was touted by Lee Kuan Yew 51 years ago around 1960. Haiyya, kawan, you guys could not think up any newer ideas in 51 years? Unfortunately the DAP’s head is still stuck inside this racist ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ hole.

Let me ask the DAP people a simple straight forward question : what are your plans for the Malays and Pribumis who make up over 65% of the population? Can you answer this question clearly and precisely?

Anyway another theory is that in case the Brader is sent to jail, the Pakatan Goverment in Penang will apply to dissolve the State Assembly and have statewide elections. They are confident of winning back the State. By doing so, they hope to keep up the pressure on the Barisan Nasional. I dont think they can be too sure about keeping Penang. Like elsewhere, Malay support has turned around in Penang. And as that Transparency International fellow said, ‘the Malays are not supporting DAP’. So watch out. Baik kira betul-betul. Jangan silap kira.

Then after that they may dissolve the Kelantan State Assembly to win back Kelantan too. Again to keep the pressure up. Kelantan shall remain a showcase of what happens to a people when they are ruled by PAS. (Excerpt from Outsyed The Box , 9 June 2011).


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