JUST Talking to AIDC

(Excerpt from the article “Dr Chandra Muzaffar says We Know Anwar is Behind the Scene” by  AIDC 11 July 2011)

Professor Dr. Chandra Muzaffar has confirmed that the BERSIH 2.0 rally which is supposed to happen in Kuala Lumpur on July 9 is orchestrated by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This is a three-pronged strategy.

First, to send a message to the Malaysian public that the majority of the people do not want the present government.

Second, to send a message to his friends abroad through the mass media in the West that this country is not stable.

Three, to overthrow the present government through huge street demonstrations which will be beyond the capability of the government to control.

Dr. Chandra, who is also the President of The International Movement for a Just World (JUST) said Anwar has since the beginning possessed expertise in two areas, known as ‘Two Ds,’ i.e. Demonstrations and Demagogue (his emotion-filled, and forceful speeches laced with venomous prejudices.)

Both these expertise have a lot to do with the demonstrations.

Following are excerpts of the AIDC interview with Chandra on June 30, 2011 at the JUST office in Petaling Jaya.

AIDC: Do you see the planned BERSIH rally on July 9 an attempt to emulate what happened in North Africa and the Middle East?

Prof. Chandra Muzaffar: In my opinion, there are parties trying to link what is being planned in Malaysia for July 9 with the Arabian upheavals. They are totally wrong.

Wrong ?

Completely wrong. We cannot make such a comparison; we cannot link the things that happen in Malaysia to those in West Asia and North Africa. They are both different.

The countries in West Asia are all dictatorial, despite being a monarchy or a republic.

All those countries, including Egypt and Tunisia are backed by the military, and the government power base is in the army. If they do not support the people, naturally there will be strife and violence.

What happened in Libya and Yemen showed that the crucial thing is the military – their stand.

In Egypt the army initially sided the people, but later switched to Hosni Mubarak. This caused an orderly power shift.

But when the military continued to support the incumbent leader, like what happened in Libya, Syria, Yemen and the other countries, the result was violence and civil war.

I mention all these to describe the vast differences between those countries and Malaysia.

For 54 years in Malaysia civil government had perpetuated and not military rule. The military had no role whatsoever in the running of the country.

We are among the handful of nations in the world that is being governed democratically. This means that the leaders were chosen by the people based upon certain procedures which were always strictly followed.

We abide by these procedures. And if the constitution says that an election must be held within a specified time, we must follow.

Since 1957 Malaysia has never faced problems in such matters.

The same goes to whom we elevate as leaders – there were not from the ranks of the military, but of the ordinary people. They then run a civil government.

The opposition has existed in this country since the beginning. In the first general election in 1959, two states, Kelantan and Terengganu were won by them.

Throughout the times the general elections were held, the opposition had always held 35 per cent of popular votes, while the last one saw chalking as high as 50 per cent.

So, if we want to compare ourselves with Egypt by saying that we are turning to be like Egypt with the rise of ‘people power and other things, it is all meaningless.

It all points to the refusal of those people behind such things to accept reality.

They deliberately do not want to understand our situation – that such things are dangerous.
However, if there had been true people power, perhaps, that we can accept.

True people power in West Asia and Eastern Europe happened in 1879. The people rose because of the conditions they were in, because of the situation, because of the challenges brought forth by an unjust and cruel system that placed complete power in the hands of a handful of individuals. So, because of this the people revolted.

But in Malaysia, the situation is very different. Here, we have democracy…we have elections and other things.

Yes, I admit there are weaknesses in our system, and that is why in the past I said our democracy is not 100 per cent perfect.

Like the other nations in the world, we are not free from weaknesses, handicaps, etc.

But we must bring about change democratically, not through violent street demonstrations. We should strengthen our democracy through democracy, not through street demonstrations. We must understand that.

What does this mean?

If they (BERSIH) are sincere, why not bring this up in parliament? Don’t they realise they have a reckonable force of parliamentarians in that democratic forum?

Why didn’t the do that?

They could have initiated a ‘private member’s bill,’ a legislation started by the ordinary Member of Parliament.

The bulk of laws are initiated by the ministers, but going by parliamentary procedure, laws can also be initiated by the ordinary MPs, the backbenchers or the opposition.

They, too have the right to initiate laws. Why didn’t they put forth a law aimed at the reformation of the election system?

They have not done it. I am sure of that. Their MPs, including their leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have never initiated such a law.

Why hasn’t he come up with a complete set of laws addressing all these issues…about postal votes and the use of indelible ink? Bring up all these…argue them in parliament…get the support of all MPs. Why didn’t he do that?

Why must he go to the streets for demonstrations?

I see all these as nothing more than a tactic. It is not because they truly wanted to fight for change in the election system.

You mean to say that street demonstrations are more important than real ‘reformasi’ in the election system?

Yes, that’s right. That’s their real agenda. He wants to stir up unrest for three reasons.

First, to send a message to the Malaysian public that the majority of the people do not want the present government. He wants to show how the people hate the government and needs changes in the election and other things.

He wants to sow hatred and foment trouble through street demonstrations because he had used similar tactics in 2007 as a benchmark

In November 2007 alone they staged two big demonstrations. One, the November 10 BERSIH demonstration and the other the November 25 HINDRAF demonstrations. He instigated and orchestrated both. We know.

Who is he?

He is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He planned both demonstrations. And when four months after that the Prime Minister announced the election, of course the demonstrations would have considerable impact.

In the mind of the rakyat the government was bad…it had too many problems, and they had to change it. This was one of his strategies.

Secondly, to wants to send a message to his friends abroad through the mass media in the West that this country is not stable.

His friends abroad?

His ties to his friends abroad…his friends in the United States, Britain and others. He wants to tell them that Malaysia, too, needs to change like the others.

The message will be picked up by the western media and his political colleagues in the West. Of course, the western media will jump for it and give the widest possible coverage on what happens in Malaysia.

He wants to tell them that Malaysia is not stable…that this country has lots of problems so much so that even the elections are not right.

At the same time he will underscore such claims with a reminder that should he be defeated in the election, it is because of the unjust election system. He will say that he lost not because he lacked support from the rakyat, but because of the bad election system.

The proof? Thousands of people gathered to support him but he still loses. How can he lose? Because of tainted election.

So, this is the message that he wants to send – that the election system is not up to the mark despite him having a sound support base from the people.

Thirdly, maybe this is what he is hoping for…that if he succeeds in organising a massive demonstration, which they government cannot control, the government will eventually fall.

This is his plan.

Datuk Seri Anwar denied he is involved in the BERSIH 2.0 demonstration. Says Dato’ Ambiga and the NGOs are organising it.

If we look at those affiliated to BERSIH on its website, what is most telling is the participation of political parties. First to be listed are the political parties, followed by several NGOs.

This means that it is the political parties that are leading BERSIH. That was why even our media have not been correct in describing the setup. The picture they give is that BERSIH is distinct from political parties.

No. Not at all, the political parties are part of BERSIH.

That is why there are two leaders in BERSIH. Other than Dato’ Ambiga Sreevenasan, who represents the NGOs, PAS’s Mohamad Sabu leads as a representative of the political parties. So, you can see that BERSIH as an NGO represents both.

We know that Mohamad Sabu is Anwar’s man, and so is Ambiga…the other day in his speech, Anwar said he could make a phone call…he could cancel the demonstration.

He could directly cancel it. So, we know he is the de facto leader of BERSIH.

I have openly said that Anwar is an expert in two areas.

First, demonstrations. Since his early days he had specialised in demonstrations. Second, he is an expert on demagoguery…great at public speaking.

The ‘Two Ds’ that he specialises in, ‘demonstrations’ and ‘demagoguery.’

Other than that, if we look at his performance as a minister and deputy prime minister over 16 years, what had he achieved?

As Minister of Agriculture what were his ideas to develop agriculture in Malaysia? As Finance Minister he only wrought destruction.

His only expertises are the ‘two Ds.’

You did mention that Anwar was behind the 2007 HINDRAF and BERSIH demonstrations?


Maybe earlier on the rakyat did not see Anwar behind BERSIH and HINDRAF?

Yes, maybe it was not that clear in 2007, but now I believe it is so obvious. People know that he planned it all.

After the September 16 episode people know he has ambitions.

His agenda?

To Anwar, nothing is more important than to realise his dreams of becoming Prime Minister.

At all cost?

Yes, to him the end justifies the means.


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