The Political Tsunami of 2008 General Election

Sdr, Allow me to give my views. Sorry to say that  I do not fully  agree and rely on armchair critics, with cliches of ” I think, I presume”, especially from the people in the ivory towers. Let’s be practical and fair about it. Remember two nights before the Election Result, AFP reported that Opposition would take over the country and the first thing they would do was to reduce the  price of petroleum . Malysia would then have a new Prime Minister. One opposition leader hinted convincingly during the international press conference in Singapore that Malaysia would have a new government led by the opposition  on the night of the election result. Many were left wondering whether some thing was amiss during all those days of campaigning.


Sometimes, I would presume  they would have thought about the past  political turmoils, especially in UMNO: Remember:


1. The creation of Tim Wawasan, comprising Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad and one other prominent and influential  cabinet one UMNO Elections in recent years.

2. The Battle of initials:  A.I.D.S. between Team A and Team B in late 80’s..

3.  The  tussle for the post of deputy president in 1993 between Anwar Ibrahim and Ghafar Baba, etc. etc.

4. Don’t they ever have a notion what strategy they (the opposition) might have had, like Plan A.lan B or Plan C in case they failed to wrest power..


None of these were discussed. Perhaps these people should be in the “field” or embedded themselves at the grassroot level before making fair and objective comments, devoid of superficiality.  I hope I am wrong.. .  .Ahmad Fadzil Yassin, 2008.


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